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Charity Shop Items

Exactly What You Need

Glassware, Cutlery, Jigsaw Puzzles, Creative artworks, Stationery, Frames, Lamp shades, Curtains, Linen, Shoes, Bags, Caps, Clothes, Jewelry, CD's, DVD's, Albums, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.

Assorted Knitting Needles
Flower pots
Nowhere to keep your eye specs?
Dog Bowls
Decorative Ribbon
Ring/Donut Cushion
Stationery-Punches, Staplers
Stationery/Paper Trays
Assorted Lampshades
Hangers galore
Assorted clothing items
DVD's and CD's galore
Soft Toys
Assorted Ornaments
Food Warmers
Cake decor
Huge Yoga/Physio Balls
Assorted Holders/ Hooks
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