Apr - June 2021



Inspirational   Booklets

- Written by Hercie Blaauw

Background info about the booklets:

Practical guide to Christianity - A simple Bible study Guide on the basics of Christianity. Also available in Afrikaans.

Bybelverse - Poems on some of the main characters in the Bible. Only available in Afrikaans.

Jesus Wins - A simple guide on Revelation. Also available in Afrikaans

“Van melkkos tot vaste spys” - Practical guide in Christianity this booklet was written in 1988, after Hercie had completed her lengthy university career.  It was aimed at students or new Christians.  It was however, only bound in 2011 when her congregation held an entrepreneur’s day, for which she also wrote the booklet of poetry “Bybelverse.”  She then later translated the former booklet into English.

The booklet “Jesus wen” “(Jesus Wins)” was written while the Pastors of her congregation preached a series of sermons on the book of Revelation.  It was completed in 2020, where after she translated it into English.

The cost of the booklets are R50.00 plus courier costs.

The contents of the booklets can also be emailed at the same price.

If you are interested in any of these, contact Hercie directly on 082 690 6139


All  Snug  and  Cosy  for Winter...

A very special thank you to the Muslim Association of South Africa for donating these lovely thick, warm blankets to the residents at Ry-Ma-In. 

Looks like we all ready for the cold! 😁


Staff Development

Training from a Different Angle

Staff attended a workshop on the 31st May & the 7th June at Ry-Ma-In. The workshop was organised by P.A,D,I. (People for Awareness on Disability Issues).

The excellent presentation on how to care for and assist individuals who are blind and deaf was conducted by two facilitators. They used role play to demonstrate different methods to use when assisting a blind person in finding his/her way around. They also explained how the braille alphabet worked and handed out cards displaying the manual alphabet (this is to be able to communicate with deaf people).

The last, but not least interesting, was a demonstration, using role play again, to illustrate the frustration of a person who had to communicate, while having a speech impairment.  This was done by expecting a person to talk with a marshmallow in his/her mouth.

The workshop was informative and was enjoyed by all who attended. The caregivers were very excited to each receive a certificate at the end of the training.

Thank you P.A.D.I. We really appreciated it!


Birthday   Celebrations !!

Congratulations to Hannes Senekal who celebrated his 58th birthday on the 17th of June.  He treated all of us to “potjiekos” which is his speciality.
Hannes moved into Ry-Ma-In in 2002.  He played a major role in organising the fêtes when they were held in the past.
Apart from preparing “braais” and “potjiekos” he is also a keen Blue Bull supporter.  He is opposed in this by Louis and Nicholas who support Western Province. 
Happy birthday Hannes!  May this year be a good one and may there be many happy returns!


Birthday wishes to our family and friends

Colorful Balloons


Flowers & Candle


Pink Birthday Cake






Donors and Volunteers

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all our Donors and Volunteers.

Cash Donors:   Danie Botha, Karel Joubert, Joneene, Erica Smit, Arenda Blaauw and Gereformeerde Kerk Linden

Meals and birthday gifts: N G Church Fairlands

Volunteers:      Marina de Bruyn, Danie Pienaar,  Theo Oelofse and  Thys van Eysen

Also, everybody who brings donations for our charity shop and recycling, i.e. newspapers, cardboard boxes and white paper

Your generosity and kindness is truly appreciated.